A lively hair salon in Eindhoven being part of private house needed a transformation in appearance and functionality. In collaboration with Lex Hildenbrant we were asked to redesign the relatively small space of 40m2. It was a challenge to accommodate more workspace, rethink the routing and to create a kitchen with a place where the staff could find a moment to eat and relax.

Eventually we found a language in which we transformed the number of individual workplaces and elements to one large workspace in the form of a twelve meter long, solid Oak wooden shelf. The Oak Line creates unity and a homely atmosphere, the 24 drawers provide the demanded storage space.

The paint cabinet forms the unique element in the space where  paint color is prepared and the exclusive paint collection is exhibited at the same time.

In collaboration with Lex Hildenbrant



Solid Oak | Black MDF
Matte Laquer
550 x 270 x 700 cm (W x H x D)
The Cutting Edge