Private House Kitchen



For a beautiful 18th century private House in Amsterdam I was asked to design a kitchen. In this project the relatively small corner area challenged me in finding a way that would connect the kitchen to the living area. Finding a balance in displaying beautiful objects and offer practical use as well. In close collaboration with my client, we naturally combined form, materials and textures into a place where cooking becomes a joy instead of a task.

Personally I like kitchens, for me its the heart of a house, a place where you talk a bit more at ease, where you can crave your basic human need and where you find the presumed lost pack of cookies. For me a kitchen resembles my workshop a lot, it’s less official, a place of creation, failures and succes and no worries when things get a bit messy.



Maple| Brass | Hi-macs
Matte Laquer | Polished
420 x 220 x 220 cm (W x H x D)